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  Odds were updated in 2016 USGA Handicap Manual
 CongratulationsYou have shot better than your index  
For Dates 20180110 to 20180110Probability of this score is 1 out of the odds number
9871003 Anderson, Dan 20180110ConcordSilver16.8878.3
5381514 Carlson, Lew 20180110ConcordSilver11.2814.7
9738419 Dawson, Dennis 20180110ConcordBronze22.8866.2
3973007 Duffy, Thomas 20180110ConcordSilver12.3817.6
9871113 Harcourt, David 20180110ConcordBronze24.78616
7436932 Kohagura, Jackson 20180110ConcordSilver12.7827.6
9871007 Koval, Bob 20180110ConcordSilver15.58414
4067631 Ramsey, Ron 20180110ConcordSilver8.27613
5923781 Rhoades, Lee 20180110ConcordSilver14.48313
3550181 Traum, Robert 20180110ConcordBronze29.19111
6771627 Tunick, Dave 20180110ConcordSilver7.77513
7826166 Upson, Mike 20180110ConcordSilver16.5868.3
12621623 Walker, Brad 20180110ConcordBronze28.38917
9523423 Wilson, Tom 20180110ConcordSilver14.9847.6