Exceptional ScoresSee USGA Handicap Manual Appendix E   
  Odds were updated in 2016 USGA Handicap Manual  
 CongratulationsYou have shot better than your index   
For Dates 20191016 to 20191016Probability of this score is 1 out of the odds number  
9871146 Calder, Neil 20191016ConcordSilver11.97824
5381514 Carlson, Lew 20191016ConcordSilver10.274102
12590827 Davis, Dave 20191016ConcordSilver8.370320
3973007 Duffy, Thomas 20191016ConcordSilver11797.6
351892 Eastman, Les 20191016ConcordSilver9.47456
6297539 Gajewski, Bo 20191016ConcordSilver17.5868.3
9871007 Koval, Bob 20191016ConcordSilver12.77848
1839561 Lalley, Leroy 20191016ConcordSilver13.28113
9871127 Larson, David 20191016ConcordSilver12.7824.7
2275545 Pearson, Dick 20191016ConcordSilver11.17648
1113422 Pollnow, Harold 20191016ConcordBronze20.9856.2
1578478 Rhea, Gary 20191016ConcordSilver11.9814.7
5923781 Rhoades, Lee 20191016ConcordSilver16.2865.2
956157 Schwichtenberg, Greg 20191016ConcordSilver10.972535
691196 Spainhower, Steve 20191016ConcordSilver11.67724