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  Odds were updated in 2016 USGA Handicap Manual
 CongratulationsYou have shot better than your index  
For Dates 20180912 to 20180912Probability of this score is 1 out of the odds number
896721 Crouse, Ed 20180912ConcordBronze23.1876.2
12483160 Ewan, Roger 20180912ConcordBronze23.9886.2
5923774 Forrest, Tim 20180912ConcordBronze22.9876.2
12611201 Gitzlaff, Keith 20180912ConcordBronze22.18416
9871113 Harcourt, David 20180912ConcordBronze278917
9871007 Koval, Bob 20180912ConcordSilver11.1804.7
12471389 Lackaye, Larry 20180912ConcordSilver18.9888.3
3973024 Lorz, Dave 20180912ConcordBronze13.97613
1113422 Pollnow, Harold 20180912ConcordBronze20.48148
1578478 Rhea, Gary 20180912ConcordSilver11.3804.7
9871142 Schavitz, Edward 20180912ConcordBronze24.78716
6461469 Tanara, Albert 20180912ConcordBronze28.79117