Exceptional Scores See USGA Handicap Manual Appendix E  
  Odds were updated in 2016 USGA Handicap Manual 
 CongratulationsYou have shot better than your index  
For Dates 20180321 to 20180321Probability of this score is 1 out of the odds number 
2877068 Badcock, Kim 20180321LexingtonBronze28.19511
9871095 Claeson, Kevin 20180321LexingtonBronze20.58448
9871120 Dineen, Jim 20180321LexingtonBronze24.3919.7
12623511 Jacobs, Michael 20180321LexingtonBronze31.4989.8
3973024 Lorz, Dave 20180321LexingtonBronze13.7804.7
9871133 Tutera, Frank 20180321LexingtonBronze22.0889.7