Exceptional Scores See USGA Handicap Manual Appendix E   
  Odds were updated in 2016 USGA Handicap Manual  
 CongratulationsYou have shot better than your index   
For Dates 20191204 to 20191204Probability of this score is 1 out of the odds number  
3801285 Gallatin, Ken 20191204ConcordBronze18.78114
9871164 Gruidl, Doug 20191204ConcordSilver14.8844.7
12619284 Haines, Michael 20191204ConcordBronze23.18516
12567041 Platteborze, Harold 20191204ConcordSilver16.18414
3973012 Royer, Frank 20191204ConcordBronze16.47692